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**Friday Beauty Tip**

Evening Makeup for Gray Hair When your hair goes gray it’s time to think about adjusting your makeup, especially for evening.  For starters, bring out your eyes a little more.  Apply a little brow color to your brows to help frame those pretty peepers. Eyeshadow in soft, pretty shades can give your eyes a natural


Beauty starts from the inside out. What you put into your body affects how it functions. Make sure to drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies and lean proteins. Get active. A 30 minute work-out, three times a week helps keep your body happy.

**Friday Beauty Tip**

Ladies, have you started noticing wrinkles in your cleavage?? I bet your thinking, “When did those happen?”. An easy way to help keep them at bay is to start sleeping on your back. The side lying position causes the skin in that area to crease and cause wrinkles.

**Friday Beauty Tip**

Who know lemons had so many uses. Start with a fresh lemon. Cut it in half, and rub it over on your face for a natural skin brightener. The rind of the lemon can be used as an exfoliant. Thousands of women from South Asia or the Middle East had the right idea: the acids

**Friday Beauty Tip**

Ladies, did you know that you can deep condition while getting some summer sun? Apply conditioner to wet/damp hair, wrap in a towel, and soak up some rays of sunshine. Leave on for no more than an hour. Rinse out and feel the silkiness.


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